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Jaeger Graduates to a Top-Level CNCF Project


After two years of hard work and contributions from the community, Jaeger has graduated to be the 7th top-level project in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, lining up alongside Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, CoreDNS, containerd, and Fluentd.

Announcing Jaeger v1.0


Today we reached a milestone and released v1.0 of Jaeger backend. Details are in this blog postexternal link .

Jaeger Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation


At the Open Source Summit NAexternal link in Los Angeles, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation ( CNCFexternal link ) announced that it had accepted Jaeger as its 12th hosted project. Jaeger joins the respected company of other major modern foundational projects like Kubernetes, Prometheus, gRPC, and OpenTracing.

News coverage:

Introducing Jaeger


Uber is pleased to announce the open source release of Jaeger, a distributed tracing system, used to monitor, profile, and troubleshoot microservices.

Jaeger is written in Go, with OpenTracing compatible client libraries in Goexternal link , Javaexternal link , Nodeexternal link , and Pythonexternal link . It allows service owners to instrument their services to get insights into what their architecture is doing.

Jaeger is available now on Githubexternal link as a public beta. Try it out by running the complete backend using the Docker imageexternal link along with a sample application, HotRODexternal link , to generate interesting traces.

We hope that other organizations find Jaeger to be a useful tool, and we welcome contributions. Keep up to date by subscribing to our mailing listexternal link .