The Jaeger project regularly participates in mentorship programs via CNCF, such as Outreachy, Google Summer of Code, and LFX Mentorship. As a mentee, you will have the opportunity to contribute to an open-source project while working under the guidance of an experienced mentor who is an active contributor to the project and open-source community. The mentees receive an internship stipend.

LFX Mentorship Sep-Nov 2023 (to be announced by July 27)

LFX Mentorship Jun-Aug 2023 (applications due May 23)

Google Summer of Code 2023

Outreachy Dec'20 - Mar'21

Ashmita Bohara

Outreachy Dec'18 - Mar'19

Gaby Soria

Outreachy May'18 - Aug'18

Prakriti Bansal

Outreachy Dec'17 - Mar'18

Kara de la Marck