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Securing Jaeger Installation

This page documents the existing security mechanisms in Jaeger, organized by the pairwise connections between Jaeger components. We ask for community help with implementing additional security measures (see issue-1718external link ).

Client to Agent

Deployments that involve Jaeger Agent are meant for trusted environments where the agent is run as a sidecar within the container’s network namespace, or as a host agent. Therefore, there is currently no support for traffic encryption between clients and agents.

  • ❌ Sending trace data over UDP - no TLS/authentication.
  • ❌ Retrieving sampling configuration via HTTP - no TLS/authentication.

Client to Collector

Clients can be configured to communicate directly with the Collector via HTTP. Unfortunately, at this time the Jaeger backend does not provide means of configuring TLS for its HTTP servers. The connections can be secured by using a reverse proxy placed in front of the collectors.

Agent to Collector

  • ✅ gRPC - TLS with client cert authentication supported.

Collector/Query to Storage

  • ✅ Cassandra - TLS with mTLS supported.
  • ✅ Elasticsearch - TLS with mTLS supported; bearer token propagation.
  • ✅ Kafka - TLS with various authentication mechanisms supported (mTLS, Kerberos, plaintext).

Browser to UI

Consumers to Query Service

  • ✅ HTTP - TLS with client cert authentication supported.
  • ✅ gRPC - TLS with client cert authentication supported.