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Windows Service Deployment

In Windows environments, Jaeger processes can be hosted and managed as Windows services controlled via the sc utility. To configure such services on Windows, download nssm.exeexternal link for the appropriate architecture, and issue commands similar to how Jaeger is typically run. The example below showcases a basic Elasticsearch setup, configured using both environment variables and process arguments.


nssm install JaegerAgent C:\Jaeger\jaeger-agent.exe

nssm set JaegerAgent AppStdout C:\Jaeger\jaeger-agent.out.log
nssm set JaegerAgent AppStderr C:\Jaeger\jaeger-agent.err.log
nssm set JaegerAgent Description Jaeger Agent service

nssm start JaegerAgent


nssm install JaegerCollector C:\Jaeger\jaeger-collector.exe --es.server-urls=http://localhost:9200 --es.username=jaeger --es.password=PASSWORD

nssm set JaegerCollector AppStdout C:\Jaeger\jaeger-collector.out.log
nssm set JaegerCollector AppStderr C:\Jaeger\jaeger-collector.err.log
nssm set JaegerCollector Description Jaeger Collector service
nssm set JaegerCollector AppEnvironmentExtra SPAN_STORAGE_TYPE=elasticsearch

nssm start JaegerCollector

Query UI

nssm install JaegerUI C:\Jaeger\jaeger-query.exe --es.server-urls=http://localhost:9200 --es.username=jaeger --es.password=PASSWORD

nssm set JaegerUI AppStdout C:\Jaeger\jaeger-ui.out.log
nssm set JaegerUI AppStderr C:\Jaeger\jaeger-ui.err.log
nssm set JaegerUI Description Jaeger Query service
nssm set JaegerUI AppEnvironmentExtra SPAN_STORAGE_TYPE=elasticsearch

nssm start JaegerUI

For additional information & docs, please see the NSSM usage guide.external link