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Jaeger: open source, distributed tracing platform

Monitor and troubleshoot workflows in complex distributed systems

Why Jaeger?

Distributed tracing observability platforms, such as Jaeger, are essential for modern software applications that are architected as microservices. Jaeger maps the flow of requests and data as they traverse a distributed system. These requests may make calls to multiple services, which may introduce their own delays or errors. Jaeger connects the dots between these disparate components, helping to identify performance bottlenecks, troubleshoot errors, and improve overall application reliability. Jaeger is 100% open source, cloud native, and infinitely scalable.

With Jaeger you can


monitor distributed workflows


find & fix performance bottlenecks


track down root causes


analyze service dependencies

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Welcome to the community!

Jaeger is an open source project with open governance. It is built by engineers for engineers. We welcome contributions from the community, and we'd love your help to improve and extend the project. You can get involved as a contributor, participate in our mentorships, or even become a maintainer.